Welcome to the heating forum!

Welcome to the heating forum!

Postby Alex@TheEC » Wed Sep 24, 2014 9:45 pm

Heating is one of the biggest areas of discussion in the community! Heating is so important, with too much destroying your bills, and too lit causing health concerns.

Let us know your experiences, advice and knowhow on anything to do with heating (and cooling) of your homes. Some questions to get started are:

1. Do you have problems with your boiler?
2. Is your house too cold a lot of the time? Do you struggle to heat your home within budget?
3. Have you tried and tested a thermostat? Was it what you expected?
4. Do you have electric or gas heating? Do you have convection heaters/

There is so much in this topic! Please do remember that heating is very specific, from personal comfort to the specific house, so please do follow our forum rules and introduce yourself.

Remember that to post in our Forum you will need to register here.
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